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About Us


At The CBD Warehouse we have a vision, and that vision is to spread the word about the benefits and joy’s that can come from Cannabidiol based products, how they’ve helped us and hopefully how they will be able to help you too.

We are three guys from the sunny South Coast of England who independently started taking CBD for different ailments and conditions. After seeing how quickly and efficiently the continued use of these products helped each of us we came together to figure out a way we could help others get their hands on this great stuff. That is when The CBD Warehouse was born! We wanted to create a one stop shop for anyone interested in purchasing CBD (cannabidiol) products and help educate as many people as possible about it’s benefits along the way.

We worked long and hard, tireless days and nights, to create a brand, business and shop where we could stock and sell CBD in all it’s glorious shapes and forms. From oils to balms, from tinctures to edibles, e-liquids and isolates, we searched and tried all sorts of CBD products to find the best ones (or at least the ones we liked the most).

This website you are on now is the result of endless love, hard work and dedication to helping people in their journey for a happier, healthier life. We wanted to bring something that no one else was doing, and we really want to make a big difference and impact in your life. We hope you enjoy it, and we definitely hope you find exactly what you’re looking for.

The CBD Warehouse Crew